3 thoughts on “Bonus: Do We Really Want To See A Real Version Of This???

  1. I'm not ready for it. I'll say that much. And it definitely should not be shot in LA. I live in LA at the moment, much to my dismay. I lived here about 15 years ago as well. It has not aged well. (By that I mean, it refuses to age. And not in a good way.) If they end up shooting in LA I will never watch. I can't wait to get out of here.

  2. I totally agree…hell, I live in Western KY and I have NOT be represented…I can't wait for the day when shows like this are not all about a pretty face and who you know or what kind of job you have…thank you very much for your comment and tell your friends..plug plug!…LOL!

  3. worst series finale EVER!!!! that didnt tie up shit. it didnt even leave a good opening for a movie. and as for LA… if we are going to do a reality show featuring lesbians or gays for that matter, how about put them somewhere like vermont where they can really get married, or someplace like wyoming where they have no rights, something that would cause real drama and real concern. LA… wow that is SO real lol

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