When In Doubt…Blame Oprah…

All right, well Whitney Houston’s pre-taped appearance shown on Good Morning America today turned out as bad as I thought it would…realistically, she hasn’t performed like this in something like ten years…and not surprisingly, it showed…in her first perfomance of the Alicia Keys penned “Million Dollar Bill”, Houston basically had her back-up singers and her AUDIENCE carry the weight…oh come on…well in a clip that popped up online yesterday, Houston blamed her poor singing voice on talking too much in her Oprah interview which is set to air September 14…here’s “Million Dollar Bill”…notice the long intro that has nothing to do with the song:

My friends, I know this is just the start of all this big promotion, but I see an EPIC FAIL in one of the greatest divas in history’s world…it’s very sad, but we may all be fooled…

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