VH1 Asks: Miley Who????

As I was driving through the fog again this morning…it was not as dense as yesterday…I realized something…VHI Divas premieres next Thursday, Project Runway is on Thursdays…UH OH!!!!…I’m making the difficult decision to live blog Divas instead of Project Runway next Thursday night…I know, I know…don’t get me wrong, I’ll be flipping back and forth and I will set my DVR for both…here’s why…
It was announced yesterday, American Idol alum-Oscar winner-and new mom, Jennifer Hudson, will be joining VH1 Divas!!!…Yes!…American Idol Season 7 winner Jordin Sparks was added just a few weeks ago…don’t forget, Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Adele, and um, Miley Cyrus were announced as the original line-up…I wonder why now VH1 is finally coming to their senses…it’s all very intriguing…Paula Abdul is still on as hostess/choreograper…I guess now that J. Hud is in mix, my whole “Whitney Houston might make an appearance” theory may be dead…much like Whitney’s performances on Good Morning America last week…VH1 is promising “suprises”; I’m soooooooo eager to see what they come up with or who will step up if one of these divas is not able to perform…I’m sorry, but Chaka Khan won’t cut it…LOL!…no offense of course…
My decision to sacrifice the Project Runway breakdown for one week is an easy one…or is it?

Don’t forget, GLEE returns tonight on FOX (9/8c)…I read yesterday, VARIETY is not a fan of the new episodes…I think if GLEE fails, it will be because the season didn’t start after one episode aired on the heels of the American Idol finale…the first episode aired Friday night as a Twitter event with the cast, on both coasts…I’m a fan, but I’m a tad worried…


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