On a night when Janet Jackson paid tribute to her late brother, Lady GaGa officially arrived into VMA history, Pink soared above the crowd performing “Sober”, and the extended NEW MOON trailer premiered, Kanye West erased all of it…I won’t go into what happened since the clip has been shown a billion times and will be shown a billion more in replays of the awards show…anyway, Kanye West is officially no longer valid as a music artist and especially, as a respectable human being…I find it ironic he won ZERO awards…and everytime his name was mentioned after the Taylor Swift hijacking, the crowd booed, which they should have…Now, if you want to argue whether or not Swift should have won Best Female Video of the Year, go ahead, but do it in silence…Beyonce’ ended up with the much deserved Video of the Year prize, and she took the opportunity to give the stage back to Swift to finish her acceptance speech…CLASSY!…I will have to watch the show back, at least the parts I missed…hello?! TRUE BLOOD finale…which by the way, it was very good!!!…

My dilemma for Thursday has grown just a bit more…the season premiere of THE OFFICE is at 8pm, which is the start time for Divas on VH1…everything I won’t be watching, including Project Runway, will be DVR’ed…don’t forget, not-so-live blog of DIVAS will happen this Thursday night…

That is all!


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