A Milestone and Memories of Patrick Swayze…

Today’s post is a milestone because it’s number 100…thank you, thank you loyal readers who have stuck it out with me for the past five months…I’ll do my best to continue to bring you the most entertaining, informative, and humorous blogs I can…

Today is marred by another Cruel Summer death…Patrick Swayze died Monday after a two-year long battle with pancreatic cancer…he was 57…I know he wasn’t going to make it, but I’m still in shock and I’m sad…I confess I had a crush on Swayze when I was 10, 11…I’m trying to remember when the NORTH AND SOUTH mini-series starting airing…well, strike that, the first time I saw Swayze on screen?…RED DAWN…I love RED DAWN and believe it or not, there’s a remake in the works…eh…I was behind the curve on DIRTY DANCING for the longest time…I didn’t see it at the theater or rent it…I didn’t see it until it premiered in HBO…I couldn’t stop watching it!…after that, I can’t remember anything I had to see with Swayze in it, with the exception of GHOST…ROADHOUSE is a cable standard…no, I have a soft spot for another film….TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR…no, it’s not Oscar material, but it has laughs and it has heart…enjoy this clip!

Sorry for the subtitles…

**SIDENOTE: the challenges on Thursday keep adding up…I work until 7…but it’s all good, I’ll have my laptop fired up and ready to go for DIVAS….


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