FAME Flops: Are You Surprised????

I was very turned off by the prospect of a FAME remake when I saw the teaser trailer six months ago…however, when I saw that Bebe Neuwirth and Megan Mulallly were involved, playing teachers at the Performing Arts High School, I changed my mind about refusing to see it…to add insult to injury, Mom and Dad both were all about seeing it…they didn’t, I’ll get to that shortly…

Remaking classic films should be banned, especially ones, such as FAME, that were so raw and almost came off as documentarian…the only way to remake a film is not remake it at all…the producers/writers/director should come up with a fresh concept that doesn’t mimic the original…it should only hint to the original, like casting Debbie Allen as the PA principal…though I have to admit, I missed her banging the floor with her cane…one point a friend of mine made while we were watching it, “this is a theater school, where are all the fags?”…exactly!…it’s a theater school in the 21st century and there are no gay-gay-gays!…only one character, Kevin-the dancer who isn’t good enough to be a professional-has to be gay…hell, there could have been a lesbian thrown in to the new FAME, but noooooo… the main characters are all poor copies of the main characters from the original film…I won’t go into all of it, because it’s too frustrating…

In the end, FAME is very smaltzy, unoriginal, and boring…you better see it now, because it will disappear from theaters very quickly…and I predict, it will be on DVD just in time for the holidays…I beg of you, hold out for the DVD…this is remade too, but this is just too good, don’t mess with Coco!


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