Story Time: God Bless The Friendly Children…

Yes, this blog is a bit of a departure…it’s a personal story….and it’s funny…

Last night, I was waiting at the mall for my mother to finish up her WW meeting, well, I had visited all the stores I liked and I retreated to the center of the mall to have a seat…I’m a big believer in people-watching, so that’s what I did…by the way, on a Tuesday night, malls aren’t very busy…back to the point, I was sitting sort of Indian style when out of the corner of my left eye, I noticed this child scooting towards me on his belly, yes, scooting, and on his belly…pretty soon, his fingers reached my tush…he said “HI!…what’s your name?”…there was a brief pause between his initial greeting and his question…well, before I could answer, I did say hi back, his mother called him off me, he ran to a bench across from where I was sitting…I now know why he was scooting on his belly, he had a matchbox car in his hand…she started to promise little “Joey” a cookie if he acted right…he resisted, she pulled back the bribe, then the whining started…I noticed he continued to play on his belly on the floor of the mall…his mother was trying to look at something at a nearby jewelry store…which reminds me of a time when my sister was that age; she did wander off from me and Dad at the same mall…yes, we lost her!…luckily, she found her way to the mall’s main office in one of the big stores and all was resolved…you have to keep your eye on “friendly children”…

Last, but not least, if I had looked like this, my story would have been a hell of lot more interesting:



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