Lady GaGa + Madonna = Unfunny…

Don’t get me wrong, GaGa’s musical performances were off the hook!….however, SNL’s attempts to incorporate her into skits were awkward and not funny…and they dragged Madonna into the Deep House Dish skit, which happens to be one of my favorites, and it was bad….Madonna just happened to be in NYC, she was on Letterman one night, maybe even the night before his big “sex with interns” confession…which by the way, SNL should have capitalized on, instead they gave us a Family Feud skit with the Osmonds vs. the Phillips family…it wasn’t very funny and maybe, too soon?…those jokes will last for a while…as usual, Kristen Wiig was awesome and she’s hilarious in this edition of Deep House Dish…then witness the train wreck…
If this wasn’t enough, SNL then lampooned GaGa’s bubble outfit she sported on the cover of Rolling Stone by having Andy Samberg wear one too…UGH!…and Lorne Michaels could NOT be left out:

Yeah, it was all in good fun, but very strange, much like GaGa…I beg of you to please search YouTube and Hulu for her musical performances…you won’t regret it!

Monday, Monday…ooops!


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