Chris AKA Kurt Explains It All…

Oh happy day!…Why?…because it’s Wednesday, which means GLEE!!!…I’m so thrilled this show is on the air and it’s more than definitely a hit…not mention, it’s generated music download sales galore via ITunes…oh yeah, and it’s the first new show of the TV season to be picked up for a full 22 episodes…you have to wonder how long the momentum will last, since for the most part, the storylines have not been too far out of the box…the musical performances are making the show so successful…also making the show successful, is its young cast of glee club members..

As soon as I started watching GLEE, way back in May, I couldn’t help but notice the stereotypical gay boy/character being hurled into a dumpster after he proclaimed his jacket was “from the Marc Jacobs collection”…the words were uttered by Kurt; Finn held onto his jacket while his jock buddies threw Kurt in…I mean, you really could have had the show without Kurt, however, actor Chris Colfer’s audition inspired creator/writer/producer Ryan Murphy to write a character especially for him…which is a dream come true for the 19-year-old…and as he explains in the following clip, his real high school experience was similar, but maybe a little bit worse:

Oh yeah, and Colfer discusses, in The Advocate, how “being out wasn’t a option for him…” in high school…yep, he’s gay, which wasn’t a surprise to learn…only 2-3 % of characters in primetime TV are openly gay/bi/transgendered…it’s not enough, but just thank God Glee is on the air!

Please watch it!


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