More Love For Adam Lambert!

Okay, I’m out of my blog funk, thanks to my secret crush, Adam Lambert…well, if you have surfed the internet today, you may have found two things…the supposed full version of Lambert’s first single, “Time for Miracles”, from the upcoming disaster flick 2012 soundtrack; I won’t post it, because it will be pulled off the net soon! and you will find that Adam is on the cover of the next issue of DETAILS magazine, in which there are some “racy” pictures of Lambert in compromising positions with a woman, yes you read that right, a WOMAN!!!!…he says in the interview he doesn’t mind kissing girls now and then…I mean, who doesn’t???…

I have to say, the timing of the release of Lambert’s first single has been puzzling…Idol winner Kris Allen’s first single is out now and I hate to say it, but it sounds too much like a Jason Mraz reject…we all know, Lambert is going to dominate when his debut album drops November 24th…I’m saving two gift cards from Best Buy just so I can have my hot, little hands on it!!!…well, it and Lady GaGa’s THE FAME MONSTER…I’m only human…

I’m back!


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