The Queen is NOT Dead

Morrissey live
It’s funny how certain headlines will catch your eye, and the one Sunday about Morrissey collapsing on stage, then being hospitalized, caught mine for sure…Morrissey is not the type of guy who commands attention…he’s just there…he’s 50 now and his physical appearance might suggest he would beat up those brooding teenagers who once worshipped The Smiths…I admit, it took me 15-20 years to appreciate The Smiths; I knew who Morrissey was without knowing The Smiths or that he was part of The Smiths…

Morrissey will always remain an enigma to the gay community…he’s never officially declared his sexuality…he used to say in interviews he was “celibate and asexual”…?????…how the hell does a man do that????…no matter, he is who he is and I don’t think I mind if he stays that way…babies everywhere agree:

Morrissey and baby

MONDAY! ps: he’s okay, he was released from the hospital…


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