This post is NOT gay!

I figured since tomorrow is Halloween, I would write a little about my favorite holiday and a movie that fits the ocassion…


1986’s TRICK OR TREAT starring Marc Price as Eddie, that’s right, “Skippy” from FAMILY TIES…unlikely casting, but it’s perfect…I rented the DVD a few years ago, and all I knew was Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne made appearances…oddly enough, Simmons plays a deejay named Nuke, who is Eddie’s best friend…you see, Eddie’s favorite heavy metal singer, Sammi Curr, played by Tony Fields, tragically dies and Nuke has the last known acetate, yes acetate, record Sammi ever made…I just read on Wikipedia that W.A.S.P. frontman, Blackie Lawless, was originally slated to play Sammi…that didn’t work out, which sucks…when Eddie listens to the record while falling asleep, he has a strange dream about Eddie and how he died…wait, I said this was not gay..LOL…as Eddie delves more into the lyrics, you know, all that backwards stuff, Eddie all of sudden appears to him and proceeds to tell Eddie to take revenge on all the bullies who have tortured him…which would be seen as a cry for help plot today, what with all the school shootings in the past 15 years…however, Eddie doesn’t do anything, but spills some soda on his record player and Sammi magically and dangerously comes back to life!!!….

Ozzy’s appearance in the film is quite ironic, as he plays a televangelist, decrying the evils of heavy metal…I think at one point Sammi goes into the TV and attacks the preacher…the soundtrack is provided by a band I think that was severely overlooked in the 80s, Fastway…in fact, I own the TRICK OR TREAT soundtrack…yeah, I’m a total nerd…and wouldn’t you know, a guy famous for playing a nerd, Charles Martin Smith (Starman, American Graffitti) directed TRICK OR TREAT…the more you know folks!

So if you’re a little bored tonight or Halloween night, take on an underrated, yet bad movie…it’s not scary I promise…

Cheers and have a safe Halloween!


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