Halloween Hangover: The Brillance of Awkwardness…

All right, I know Halloween is over…we had Trick or Treaters at my house as early as 3:50pm?!?…weird, but that’s the way it is…I thought about dressing up, but as usual, I chickened out and I couldn’t come up with anything at the last minute…I did end my night at the local gay bar–in Owensboro–and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…if only that place could be bigger…when I went to buy a beer, I noticed the capacity sign above the bar said “Capacity 57″…OMG!…I’m sure as many as 200 people occupied the club at one point…I hung out with some great friends and I people, er, costume watched, so all wasn’t lost…

Okay, now the reason for the rare Sunday blog…I was prompted, I believe by Perez Hilton’s site, to the Today show Halloween costume reveals, all Star Wars, with original props from Lucasfilm…I won’t post the first one, it’s waaaaaaaaay too long, however, when the show got to a segment featuring an expert from Better Homes & Gardens…the Ewoks took over and they completely stole the show…this is funny!…please observe:

Now if this wasn’t enough, the show shifted in its final hour to wrap-up hosts, Hoda Kotb as Yoda, and Kathie Lee Gifford as C3-PO…what follows is awkward pauses and bad acting…again observe:

Oh golly, if only SNL hadn’t fired Michaeal Watkins and they actually did a live Halloween show, the parody would have been priceless…

“That Ewok’s moonwalkin!”


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