Re-thinking the Ellen Haircut…

I expressed on Monday how I think I would like Ellen’s haircut…a pixie style with a lot of product in it…I know I probably couldn’t look more gay, but this cut would solidify it!…like Ellen, it’s fun and I’m fun damnit!…and since I declared my desire, I’ve had many comments saying things like, “go for it!” “do it!” “I love Ellen’s hair!”…however, this morning, my mother brought me back down to earth with this statement-“I think your head is too small.”….WTF?!?…I know I have a small head, but the lift and the faux hawk-like effect would deter people away from that fact…Also, I think I’m going to wait a while, since showing up for Thanksgiving with this haircut may scare some relatives who I pray by now can figure me out!!!…we shall see…I need a change and this is a change I could believe in…

Thank you….and thank you veterans-past, present, and future!


One thought on “Re-thinking the Ellen Haircut…

  1. HUGE fan of the pixie haircut. I pretty much grow my hair long, cut it in the pixie. Repeat. Not sure, but I think my head is small. Perhaps my Mom is too oblivious to notice.

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