Support Is Always A Good Thing…

Adam Lambert?…meet one of your biggest supporters, pop icon Boy George…when Lambert’s controversial AMA performance got to George, he immediately went to his Twitter (@theboygeorge) and rallied for Adam…saying things like, “A big snog on the mouth is theatrical not sensual, let’s educate them pleeeese!” and “Dick Clark had it allegedly removed and I guess his sense of humor and proportion.” 
Granted, times have changed since Culture Club ruled the charts and really, no one was paying that much attention to whether George was gay or not…what they didn’t know was George was carrying on a secret affair with Culture Club drummer, Jon Moss…and many of the group’s biggest hits paid homage to the relationship…SCANDALOUS!…I think what Adam needs to remember is, no matter what year it is, his sexuality will always be a hot topic and even I have to admit, his racy performance had me doubting if he would ever be taken seriously or if anyone would buy his cd…early sales projections have Glambert selling about 225,000 copies of For Your Entertainment…which is very good…however, Lambert and Lady GaGa will more than likely be outsold by flash in pan British singing sensation, Susan Boyle…I even read Simon Cowell wants to make a biopic of Boyle’s life…really? Simon..really?…I’ve yet to read how Cowell reacted to Adam’s AMA performance…if I had to guess, he would be pleased, it’s all going to make him more money…
As for the cd, it’s really good…music bloggers are all screaming “Whataya Want From Me” should’ve been the first single, and they’re right…it’s a killer song and it’s very poppy…I’m not really a fan of the slower songs on the record…with the exception of “Time for Miracles”…my advice to Glambert would be, keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re good at it…don’t let those pesky double standards get you down…and never compromise your artistic integrity!…
It WILL pay off!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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