Whom in this Family cast picture…

…would you have picked to come out of the closet?…like yesterday on national television?
Okay, most eyes would go automatically to Kristy McNichol, who has been the subject of  “is she a lesbian?” rumors for years a la Jodie Foster…she has always perpetuated the tomboy image…well, after a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder, McNichol has pretty much disappeared from the limelight…And good for her, she’s taught some acting classes and is a devout animal rights and environmental activist…yeah, not gay at all, but I digress.
Nope, instead the National Enquirer broke a story last/this? week, complete with pictures, that Meredith Baxter was spotted on a lesbian cruise and she seemed very comfortable…then pictures surfaced Tuesday of Baxter and her “girlfriend”, who seems comfortable wearing Birkenstocks…so yesterday, Baxter went on The Today Show to tell the world she’s a lesbian…and really?…I’m not surprised…of course, it’s always better to tell the truth and do damage control now…Baxter said she’s a “later in life lesbian”…That’s so perfect!…and all the stories mention, Baxter has been married three times and she has five children…they are all grown…she also said in her sit-down with Matt Lauer, that she could never connect to the men she was married to or in a relationship with…that’s the first sign!…it’s a connection I try to explain to myself to the many who ask why I’m gay…but I’ll leave that discussion for another time…this blog is about getting to the point without all the heavy stuff…Baxter has been in a relationship with building contractor (LOL!) Nancy Locke for the past four years…
And I find it ironic the day after I got my haircut, this announcement/interview took place…hmmmm?…I’m just sayin’!

6 thoughts on “Whom in this Family cast picture…

  1. Wow. I thought you were going to say that annoying little girl (not pictured) Quinn something? that used to be on there. THen I was thinking you meant the Mom on there (ha!) I am obviously a little spaced today. BUt yes, can totally see MBB as gay. She was hyphenated after all before hyphenation was "cool."

  2. Well, let's say Kristy McNichol is VERY SENSITIVE to her male fan base and doesn't want to disturb them with any news to disrupt their fond memories of her. Many are in denial and it seems she prefers it that way.

  3. Oh my God. I don’t care how ugly and ordinary Kristy McNichol gets from here on out. I love her forever, and ever and ever. So much. I really love her. I love this woman. Pleease, please let her be happy. I love this girl, forever. Forever. Please someone protect Kristy McNichol and let her be happy forever. She gave so much to my youth. I’ll never forget this girl as long as I live and wish her eternal love, peace and happiness.Kristy McNichol, I love you forever. You can get 80 and ugly and I will never ever forget the love and joy you brought to my youth. I love this woman so much. May she find eternal peace forever and ever.Comment by Cheryl Merrill — November 23, 2006 @ 2:58 am

  4. Gay, straight, blue, yellow, whatever. I just wonder what would make Kristi just want to disappear from the Silver Screen. Just vanish. And why so shy? C'mon Kristi, what's going on with your life. fill us fans in. We don't care about the personal life, we miss the actress Ms. McNichol. Where are you????

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