The Dreaded GLEE hiatus and Glambert back on ABC?!?…

All right, we’ve all know, for about two weeks, that GLEE is taking a major hiatus after tonight’s “Fall Finale”…it’s all to make way for FOX’s original musical machine American Idol and I’m excited, but sad…I’m hoping FOX doesn’t take GLEE away completely, although I haven’t heard what the status is on reruns…they are very smart if they take it away altogether until April…addicts will have pumped so much money into ITunes, the economy will bounce back with flying colors!!!…tonight’s episode, of course, is all about Sectionals…how long have they been building up to the damn Sectionals episode?…oh yeah, since MAY!…I will be bummed, but one number will comfort me in these trying times:

Now to Glambert!…I know I haven’t blogged about him in two weeks?!?…I had to detox a bit…I’m still in love with For Your Entertainment…the Billboard album charts have Lambert debuting at #3…and yes, Susan Boyle topped the chart and she might for an extended period of time…AAARGH!…I will never understand how so many people are fascinated by a person who, I still predict, is a flash in the pan!…I mean, who in the world has her cd?????…you need to identify yourself stat!!!…if I had a billion, gagillion dollars, I wouldn’t buy it….anyway, back Glambert…the rumors are true…he’s back on ABC tonight AND tomorrow morning…yes, the same ABC that recently canceled two late night Lambert performances, one on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the other? New Year’s Rockin’ Eve….so where is he at?….tonight, Adam is one of Barbara Walters “10 Most Fascinating People of 2009″….yes, and so is Lady GaGa…I’m not kidding….it airs 10/9C…which is the same time I’ll be watching the Top Chef finale…DVR!!!!…then tomorrow morning, Lambert will make a TAPED appearance on The View, Walters’ other vehicle…I’m guessing she had some pull in bringing back the Glambert…who knows?…

I’ll be watching!…


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