Brittany Murphy…

Brittany Murphy died this morning in L.A….she was 32…I wasn’t a big fan…I love the movie Clueless, I never saw 8 Mile, I love Girl, Interrupted…that’s about it…oh yeah…Murphy voiced Luanne on King of the Hill in over 200 episodes…all the rumors out there today point to a drug-related death…I will not judge because when it comes to rumors of a star in Hollywood falling, it’s usually another one, like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears…and yes, Murphy’s death should make them and others aware of the ultimate consequence…
Okay, enough grand standing….I will remember Murphy in one of her lesser known roles…a young closeted lesbian serving in the military in the first vignette in the made-for-cable movie, Common Ground….and since I’m one of the few people left in the universe with a VCR, I have this film recorded….this is part of Murphy’s installment of Common Ground….R.I.P.

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