My Top 10 Songs of 2009…

Well, here we are, another year is almost in the books…wait, the first decade of the new millenium is almost in the books???…it’s crazy, but so is music…let’s get started….
1. Lady GaGa–Throw a dart!!!…4, soon to be 5, #1 hits, many dramatical performances and appearances (FYI-she’s going to be on a new episode of Bravo’s Launch My Line Jan. 6; I don’t watch the show, but I will just this once) anyway, “Poker Face” was GaGa’s biggest hit of ’09…and I would agree, but I’m predicting “Bad Romance” could be even bigger!…oh, and she’s also in the midst of her first headlining tour: The Monster Ball…I love her!…is she the new Madonna?….we’ll see…
2. Beyonce’–Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)…you know, I think this was last year’s number 2…and it makes my list again simply because it’s one of the best tracks ever produced…and yes, Kanye was right, it’s one of the best videos of all time…also, this time last year, Single Ladies was still relatively new to the charts…on the fringe…I was also impressed by Halo and Diva…not to mention her mash-up of If I Were a Boy with Alanis Morrisette’s You Oughta Know on her I Am…tour…she heads into the Grammys with 10 nominations…think she’ll win one???…
3. Kings of Leon–Use Somebody…yes, the men are rare on this year’s list…I’m still a little disappointed in Kings of Leon…they started out as this little indie band from Nashville…Pentecostal brothers and a cousin…and they’ve always had great tunes…however, in 2009, something changed…this song broke through to the mainstream and the band seemed to have never looked back…when I think of this year, this is definitely one track that pops into my head…
4. Black Eyed Peas–I Gotta Feeling…oh yes…the Peas dominated the charts this year…and I think their music is sounding more pop than hip-hop these days, which makes for many happy fans and listeners…Fergie helps a lot too….damn girl!
5. Katy Perry–Waking Up in Vegas…I know you think Hot N Cold should be on here instead…I give it props, but I liked Vegas better…again, it had more mainstream appeal…and it erased all my hatred of Perry for that little I Kissed a Girl song…I forgive, but I don’t forget…when The Hangover is one of the highest-grossing films of the year, Vegas had it all going on…
6. Pink–Sober…I was thinking So What was a bigger hit, but I was wrong…according to Billboard’s year-end Hot 100 chart, Sober was bigger or ranked higher…and it should…in fact, every Pink track I heard this year, I liked, except for Funhouse…her songwriting is as good as its ever been…let’s hope Adam Lambert can take Whataya Want From Me, a song Pink co-wrote, to the top…
7. Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys–Empire State of Mind…only in a year that would see the New York Yankees back in the World Series (ps-they won!) Jay-Z would tell the tale of his hometown…I’m told Keys’ solo version is better, but I like this track…the hook is good and the chorus is perfect…it’s another one that might show up on next year’s list…
8. Britney Spears–Circus…I guess I should throw Brit-Brit a bone…LOL…even though she doesn’t sing, she had a more than decent comeback in ’09….Womanizer and 3 are also good jams…I’m excited to see how her ex, Kevin Federline, does on the new edition of Celebrity Fit Club…in short, Britney is still crazy, but the music shined just a tad brighter…
9. The Veronicas–Untouched…okay, this wasn’t a huge hit by any means, but I was instantly a fan after hearing this track on the worst day of the Ice Storm…well, the day when AT&T customers lost cell phone usage…oh, did that suck!…Lisa and Jessica are hella-talented!…and I thought Jessica played for my team, but I think it was all a misunderstanding…the arrangement on Untouched, so good!
10.  Kelly Clarkson–My Life Would Suck Without You…and don’t forget Already Gone…I actually prefer the latter…after a dismal album two years ago, Clarkson pulled it all back together and she put out her biggest album since her formative, post-Idol days…Clarkson also incorporated some mash-ups on her latest tour…Already Gone with what else?…Use Somebody…and since Already Gone and Beyonce’s Halo were written by the same person and let’s face it, they are almost identical tracks, Kelly tagged Already Gone with the Halo chorus one night…love her!
Oh, why the hell not?…first, the cast of GLEE…they make me want to listen to music again…these country acts didn’t quite make my chart, but I got nothing but respect…well, I suppose TAYLOR SWIFT was a big omission from my list, but I intended it that way…Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried charted highest on the Year End Hot 100 chart, not counting the many Taylor Swift tracks…I love Lady Antebellum…Run To You made the Year-End chart, but Need You Now is soooooo good and is a solid number one hit…Jordin Sparks continues to have a fairly healthy post-Idol career; I loved Battlefield…Jamie Foxx and T-Pain made me Blame It on the A-A-A-A-A-Alcohol…’Lil Wayne collaborated on two songs I liked…Kevin Rudolf’s Let it Rock and Jay Sean’s Down…3OH!3’s Don’t Trust Me????…funny as hell…and finally, like you had any doubts, I pay much respect and love to my little Glambert…I pray 2010 will be a good one for the almost-American Idol winner…and who knows?…he may get to meet the queen one day.
HAPPY 2010!

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