Elementary my Dear Watson????…Wow!

Holmes and Watson
Here I am, finally ready to tackle a new year and a new decade…the end of 2009 was not good, I lost my last grandparent and I just in general, didn’t feel like blogging anymore…however, a good movie with homosexual overtones snapped me out of it…
I saw Sherlock Holmes and Up in the Air over the weekend…and yes, Up in the Air is a great film…however, Robert Downey, Jr.’s portrayal of the English rogue detective is brilliant beyond words…Jude Law stars as Holmes’ trusty “partner” Dr. Watson…let me break this down for you…
1. They live together…the good doctor’s office is shared in the same house as Holmes.
2. Holmes is jealous of Watson’s new fiancee’…he insists the 3 of them do things together…
3. Watson wants to leave, but he’s always pulled back in by Holmes’ wacky theories and investigations, so we think…
4. They bitch at each other like an old queer couple…
Watch it and learn….oh yeah, that whole boxing match scene doesn’t help Holmes….
happy new year, again!

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