Dear Kate Gosselin…

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENOUGH!…You are kidding me with this new weave right???…you think $7,000 worth of hair extensions is going to make all the drama of the past year vanish???….by the way, you look ridiculous with the extensions…try growing your hair out like the normal person we all thought you were…but if you got the bread, girl…go for it…
In short, I’ve over you….but I’ll always have this:

One thought on “Dear Kate Gosselin…

  1. im just so glad she doesnt have that crazy ass hairstyle. although she should have just gone around with a hat. btw… i would rather read about her everyday than freakin jon and hailey and the whole apt debacle. im just sick of all of them. POOR KIDS

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