Well Played Sir…

Simon X Factor
Just as we’re about to suffer through another bazillion weeks of bad auditions for season 9 of American Idol…Simon Cowell trumps everybody yesterday, and announces this his last season on the show…he’s prepping The X Factor, which will premiere stateside in the fall of 2011…and wouldn’t you know, The X Factor is another Cowell creation…and my question is: how in the hell is The X Factor diffrent from American Idol?…the answer is, not much…the only difference is the X Factor contestants are divided into groups of 4 and each of the judges mentors a group…judges on past British X Factors have included, Sharon Osbourne, Danii Minogue, Cheyl Cole, and Cowell himself…the show produced Leona Lewis, who is still a rising a star in America…rumor is Paula Abdul may join the American version, since Cowell has said he would love to work with her again…and hell, she needs the job!…note that new Idol judge, Ellen DeGeneres, will not be seen until the top 12 are set…I think that’s one reason Cowell is bowing out this season, he probably secretly thinks the show will suffer because of DeGeneres…that’s my theory…I still think Ellen will be a fresh addition to the judges’ table…however, I’m a little skeptical…and you may wonder will American Idol go on without Simon?…yes, it will!…I don’t know why, but Cowell recently signed a contract for 3 MORE SEASONS…which will be honored I’m sure…so you know, we have at least 2 more seasons to look forward to…UGH!…
As for the onslaught of auditions that start airing tonight…I’m in!…and I’m usually not this enthusiastic about it…maybe it’s because I’ll be on the lookout for the next Glambert…or the next Kevin Covais aka Chicken Little…or the next Melinda Doolittle…or, well you get my point…
Happy Watching!
(NOTE: You may have noticed the link for my upcoming live Project Runway blog is missing…I’m still playing with Cover it Live and Thursday will hopefully be a good test run…I know I say every year I’m not going to do another PR blog, but since the show is back in NYC, I thought I would give it another shot…come back Thursday!)

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