Nothing fancy…a few notes….

I don’t have much today…I would really like your feedback on the live blog I did last night for Project Runway…I would like to continue with it, but I don’t know…I wasn’t impressed with the first episode…I don’t see anyone getting cutthroat…sigh..
Lady GaGa is going to be on Oprah today!…and my little Glambert will be visiting next Tuesday…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!…I love it…speaking of Glambert, here’s his just released video for “Whataya Want From Me”:
I may do a little bit of Golden Globes coverage Monday, if GaGa is crazy on Oprah, that’s coming up…anyways…have a fantabulous weekend!

One thought on “Nothing fancy…a few notes….

  1. I didn't know you live blogged it. I thought there were some really interesting and promising designers this season. I just wish they started out with ten or even five designers, it is such a long weeding out process, that part is boring, and harder to blog about!

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