GaGa, Golden Globes, and GLEE!

I originally intended for today’s blog to be all about GaGa, but really, there isn’t much to say, except Lady GaGa wasn’t all that together on Oprah Friday…it was akin to a comedy of errors…
I had a friend say that GaGa needs to use a headset instead of a handheld mic…she only does that to prove she doesn’t lipsynch…and maybe she’s more comfortable performing live with a handheld mic…the facts were GaGa cancelled a show Thursday night, but she went ahead and committed to Oprah on Friday…and I believe I read a show set for tonight has also been cancelled…she’s more than likely just uber-exhausted; I just hate to see her not at her best…
Moving on…well, if you haven’t read who won a Golden Globe yet…Glee won for Best TV Series:
Comedy or Musical…I am ecstatic!…and for the first time in real life, we all got a glimpse of nominee Jane Lynch in a dress: sorry, all I could find is this short interview clip…and I just found another picture of her in dress at a premiere, anyhoo:
Congrats also go out to Chloe Sevigny who beat Lynch for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, Mo’Nique winning Best Supporting Actress for Precious, I finally saw Precious the other night and it’s really good, but I’m afraid it’s losing steam, except for Mo’Nique, in the awards arena..
Oh, and Johnny Weir placed 2nd at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships!
Gotta Go, enjoy the week!

One thought on “GaGa, Golden Globes, and GLEE!

  1. jane lynch is the BEST i loved her on the l word, i love her in the movie post grad, i pretty much just love anything she does. and i am so happy for her that she is getting married!

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