GLEE continues to surprise and dominate….

Okay, I totally forgot about the SAG Awards, but I wasn’t worried about the McKinley High crew, they cannot lose…as you know or may not know, the SAG Awards are voted on by actors, not critics or old, fogey Academy members…GLEE took Best TV Comedy Series cast…some of the other main actors, like Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, and Jane Lynch have gotten nominations, but I’m not sure when they will win…Lynch should win a million times over…I keep thinking about the first time I saw the show; I was instantly hooked and I’m in excruciating pain thinking about waiting until April to see the second part of the first season…I read about the many guest stars who will appear: Idina Menzel starring as the coach of New Directions’ main competition, Vocal Adrenaline…Olivia Newton-John!!!…oh yes…perhaps J-Lo, though, nobody cares…
I’m so proud of these kids, er, actors!

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