MTV is NO longer "Music Television"…really?!?!

Well, not suprisingly, stories are flooding the web today with the news MTV has eliminated “Music Television” from its logos and its subsequent non-music programming…now, I’m no Einstein, but I, along with the rest of world, has noticed MTV has NOT played a lot of music videos over the past 10 years…the network has delegated the responsibility to its “sister” channels, MTV2, MTVJAMS, and so forth, however, you’ll still find a big lack of continuous music programming…you’ll see shows that have also been pushed onto the other channels or reruns of shows that no longer show up on MTV…
I guess I’m gulity of loving some of the non-music shows, like The Real World, which has turned into a giantic monster with no plans of slowing down…I love True Life…after that?…there’s not much I want to watch on MTV…oh yeah, I still watch the VMAs, but that’s where my interest ends…one can argue MTV is catering to the young folks who I guess could be my kids?!?…I’m sorry, but Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant???…that’s great TV and even better role models for the kids to see…and don’t even get me started on his whore and her pack of wanna-be whores:
I will NEVER watch 5 seconds of Jersey Shore!….and do you blame me?…yeah, I guess it can be your guilty pleasure, but really? really?…again, terrific role models…
MTV has it right with Jersey Shore, but it’s not right with me and my other Gen X-ers who just want to see some friggin’ videos!!!…Personally, I find solace in another MTV Networks partner, VH1 Classic…find it or if you don’t have it, request it!!!!…no, DEMAND IT!…

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