I Know It’s Wrong To Criticize When It’s For Charity, BUT!

The new “We Are the World”????…Oh, not good…I understand it’s for those suffering and recovering in Haiti, but some classics should be left alone…here it is…
I don’t object at all to some of the artists involved…Pink and Jennifer Hudson turned it out…and of course Celine!!!!…however, you have the artists, Justin Bieber, who are just out of place…I’m talking to you Tony Bennett, Miley, Lil’ Wayne!…yeah, why auto tune????…is that what the world has come to?…oh yeah, I forgot to throw props to Babs-Barbra Streisand…and I’m a little pissed not more country artists were featured…where was Taylor Swift’s solo?…Jennifer Nettles was the only country singer, well, if you count Miley (I DON’T!) that did get a solo…and wouldn’t you know, some random actors showed up, like Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges, who sings very well…and…Vince Vaughn…we’ll call him this version’s Dan Akyroyd…and in a moment of eerie tracking, we hear the late Michael Jackson on a chorus and when he sings “when you’re down and out and there seems no hope at all”…it’s the best part of the song…God bless Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones for making this happen, again…but next time, leave out the auto tune…

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