Riding The Snake To Gold!…Roses For Weir!

Congratulations to American Evan Lysacek on taking the gold in Men’s Figure Skating…you heard this a billion times last night, but Lysaceck is the first American to capture that gold since Brian Boitano, in Calgary, in 1988…I’m happy with the result…in the end Yevgeny Plushenko just couldn’t pull through…his jumps were awkward looking and his choreography was silly and cheesy…I guess in the end, he was satisfied with silver, but I love he was taken down a few pegs…many skaters went for the quad jumps last night, and I don’t think any really succeeded…Johnny Weir had one and had practiced one, but he did not go with the quad in his free skate…a clean program can be acheived with triple axles, but those must be flawless…Plushenko executed his quad, but he finished all of his jumping elements 2 minutes into his program…he was basically left with spins and some of the worst dancing I’ve ever seen…Japanese skater, Nobunari Oda, experienced his own Tonya Harding moment, when one of his skates became unlaced, the commentators thought he had injured himself, but no, just a bad skate…he was allowed to finish his routine…Oda finished 7th, just behind you know who:
For all of the hype, Johnny Weir delivered…no, he didn’t deliver another medal to the Americans, but he skated the best he could…his free skate only saw one bobble on a spin, the rest was artistry…if the judges were negatively influenced by Weir’s hype, it definitely showed in Weir’s low marks…I mean, what makes one skater technically better than the next? (I think I asked that in my last blog)…it’s just sad, but if Johnny Weir is okay with finishing 6th at maybe his last Olympics, more power to him…at least he went out in style…with roses!
I probably won’t recap the women’s figure skating….but I will be watching it…eh.

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