American Idol Top 12 Ladies: A Crap Shoot!

Okay, so crap shoot is not the best way to describe last night, but come on!…the ladies need to pick it up, however, the top 12 this year will be comprised of 6 guys and 6 girls…so far?…I don’t see 6 strong girls…in fact, I see only 2, maybe 3…song choices last night were not too good…the worst?…Lacey Brown with the Dixie Chicks’ version of “Landslide”…so bad, so boring…and this is a girl who almost made the top 24 last year…instead, fruitcake Megan Joy made it, and we all know how that turned out…OMG!…I see that burden as a curse…I predict she’s definitely in the bottom Thursday…who else will be in the bottom?…for sure, Katie Stevens, who was so timid and so old sounding on Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good”…she has no star quality or power to her voice…I hate to say this but either Haeley Vaughn or Janell Wheeler may be visiting the bottom for the first time tomorrow night…Vaughn was just annoying and obnoxious in her rendition of The Beatles, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”…Simon pointed out she is not defining herself as she did when she walked in to audition for Hollywood…she originally intended to go country, but she’s already lost her way…I’m not a fan of Janell Wheeler’s voice…granted, all of the ladies last night were nervous in their first live show, but Wheeler just couldn’t work completely through “What About Love”…she annoys the hell out of me too…
Okay, I move on to who impressed me…first, I disagree with the panel on Paige Miles, she’s okay…Simon deemed her “..the best singer in the competition…”, not sure about that…but I see a lot of potential in her and Ashley Rodriguez…I was also impressed with someone I didn’t expect to be…Katelyn Epperly really made The Beatles’ “Oh Darlin'” her own, but her lipstick blinded me!…Lilly Scott and Didi Benami are this year’s Megan Joys, but they are a billion times better…they just have to find their niche’…Siobhan Magnus was okay, I wasn’t expecting her to impress…she has that musical theater quality and it will not pull her through every week….
And in the end, I still think Crystal Bowersox is the best lady in the competition…yes, she’s a coffeehouse performer and she really doesn’t belong on Idol, but she’s fresh and she will stand out…I just hope we don’t see her guitar and her harmonica every single week…
Props to Ellen on her first live show!…I just hope she doesn’t become emotional when the cuts begin…

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