American Idol..Fight or Flight?

Well, I was not satisfied with most of the first cuts last night on Idol…I’m still not caring much about the guys…Tyler Grady was supposedly a surprise, but not to me…he was a one-trick pony with his 70’s crap and I hope he has a good life…Joe Munoz, again, not surprised, he had as much personality as a gnat and he had no star quality…that’s a keyword this season…STAR…and so far, there are no real stars…
On the ladies’ cuts…I was mortified to learn both Katie Stevens and Lacey Brown (who I learned has ties to Owensboro KY) survived week one…HOW???…Janell Wheeler being cut was the biggest surprise to me…she was good looking and she had a decent voice, enough to get her past week one…as for Ashley Rodiguez, she turned out to be the biggest disappointment of week one…here’s what I don’t understand, they coined her as a possible “diva” this season…huh?!?…is it just because she took on Leona Lewis’ “Happy”?…I’m sorry, but I didn’t see a diva at all, I saw someone, who in the beginning, could sing, but couldn’t handle the live show…
Thus I’m left to ponder my continuing support for this show…I already know it’s going to be a rough one..and with Simon leaving at the end of the season, I predict the show will not last beyond, maybe, one more season…the talent this year is very scarce, mostly because we’ve all seen the same type of singers muddle through the competition…yes, Crystal Bowersox (did she not look so out of place in the group song last night???) is fresh and is original, but how long will she last?…if the mindset of America has changed in terms of just choosing a bonafide pop star, then she has a great chance of going far…and I really want a girl to win this season, but someone, besides Bowersox, has to make it more competitive…and again, so far, I’m over the guys…boring!
Even Ellen will have a tough time, but I still love her!

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