J-Lo…NO!…Making Fun Of "We Are The World" 2?…YES!…

Well, you may have seen an earlier blog about how I was very disappointed with the new version of “We Are The World”…with the Olympics winding down, SNL returned last night, and I was a little surprised they went after this subject first, since there was a boat load of material from this week’s Health Care Reform Summit…I confess, if a skit about the HCR Summit did air, I may have missed it, since I didn’t watch the entire show…and I still stick by my position on Jennifer Lopez no longer being valid…her musical performances were on par or below American Idol this past week…OUCH!
However, you’ll see J-Lo impersonating Rihanna and it’s funny…as is Jenny Slate as Lady GaGa…my only complaint, Jason Sudekis needs to work on his Glambert, as does Abby Elliott with Melissa Etheridge….LOL!…here it is:

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