American Idol: A Little Better Call on the Departed…

So, here we are, week two of Idol is over and Cystal Bowersox is still around, and that’s a good thing!…the drama of her medical issues and her subsequent hospitalization made fans cry foul over fears Crystal getting a free pass because she is one of the obvious favorites…some fans thought why not show her rehearsal footage or a clip from week one?…I can tell you now, she still would’ve made it through…maybe it is sympathy, but she doesn’t want that….she is the most talented in the competition…however, I’m beginning to like a few of her female competitors…namely Katelyn Epperly, she was sort of boring and safe with her piano performance of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”, but I see her as someone who could really turn the competition around…she’s a dark horse for sure…my other dark horse? Siobhan Mangus…I know she’s really a geek a heart who, under normal circumstances, would have never chosen to compete on a show like American Idol…she has a lot of power in her voice and she is a performer…I’m afraid Lilly Scott and Didi Benami, who almost went home last night, will wear on America over time, maybe sooner…my two who I thought were gone last week, Katie Stevens and Lacey Brown, they improved, but they still don’t have a shot to win…so America said goodbye to Michelle Delamor and teeny-bopper Haeley Vaughn…I thought Delamor had more talent, but then I heard her version of Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open”…yikes!…oh well….I confess, I was a little excited about Haeley Vaughn after her initial audition…since then, her performances and her voice have been all over the place…”The Climb” was her kiss of death…well, it’s the kiss of death in general…
Again, I’m not a fan of any of the guys except for maybe, Michael Lynche…and it’s only because he has a personality…Tim Urban and Alex Lambert live to see another week, they improved, but again, slightly…Todrick Hall is in trouble if he doesn’t choose better songs and he has to stick to the main melody…Andrew Garcia continues to be an extreme disappointment as he was close to going home last night…Jermaine Sellers and John Park go home, and I would say that’s the best call at this point…no pizzazz!..they both sufferered from almost zero camera time after their initial auditions…but really?…we didn’t miss anything…

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