Corey Haim

I can’t believe it has happened, though sadly, it was not a surprise…Corey Haim ruled the 80’s teen flicks with his co-star and his best friend, Corey Feldman…aka The Coreys…both stars had early individual success…Haim with LUCAS, Feldman with THE GOONIES…however, their first collaboration, THE LOST BOYS…was huge and it has become a cult hit…Feldman tried to help his friend, by helping him land a role in the Lost Boys sequel a few years ago…however, if you watched A&E’s “The Two Coreys”, Haim was freaked out and he was suspected of taking anti-anxiety meds…Haim had become so desperate in the last ten years, you may remember he offered up some of his teeth for auction on EBay…I hate to see Corey Haim become another fallen child star statistic, but he was never going to give up drugs…which you could see throughout “The Two Coreys”…I only think of one movie when I think of the Coreys….
RIP Man!

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