Dear American Idol…namely the AMERICA part…

Oh dear, where to start?…if you look closely at the photo above…that’s your two finalists…yep…and now that the top 12 have been revealed, it will be a billion times easier for Big Mike Lynche and Crystal Bowersox to make it to May, unscathed…I was out of town all day and all last night, so I didn’t see the big reveal live, and boy am I glad I didn’t…naturally I fast forwarded through all of Seacrest’s and the judges’ kiss-ass material…I just realized, this will be the first season I will have the capability of using my DVR…OMG!…it will be awesome on elimination nights…
All right, so the top 12 is not great at all…granted, there are some dark horses in there, like Siobhan Mangus and Andrew Garcia…Garcia…my man, he has GOT to do something different when the real competition starts next week…his acoustic versions of pop songs????…not going to work from this point forward unless a theme calls for it, but for now, he’s got to drop that strategy…I’m very disappointed Todrick Hall won’t be there to entertain us…I was beginning to get an Adam Lambert performance vibe from him after his too little/too late rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love” this week…I guess the biggest shock on the men’s side was when Aaron Kelly made it in and Alex Lambert didn’t…I was NOT a fan of either guy, especially Lambert…never let that last name deceive you!…stiff, boring, lackluster…I could go on…we get an Aaron Kelly just about every season, so I’m not surprised he’s in…as predicted, the top 6 girls were shocking…
The first elimination came down to Katelyn Epperly or Paige Miles making it in…I was not worried, as I was confident Epperly could bounce back from her Carole King debacle Tuesday night…Paige was terrible with her sad, weak rendition of “Smile”, so pitiful, but guess what?…Paige gets in?!?…yeah, and the head-scratching didn’t stop there…Lacey Brown makes it in, no questions asked, except for the panel still not knowing what kind of artist she is….I guess my biggest question was why was Crystal so sad????…she’s a winner!…good God, loosen up!…my theory on why Katie Stevens makes it in and Lilly Scott doesn’t is because of Didi Benami…they were too similar and in the end, Benami was more safe and not too quirky…so unless Paige can majorly step her game, we are without a diva-in-the-making this year…Bowersox doesn’t count…she’s in a league beyond diva…
So the competition kicks off with the songs of The Rolling Stones…wow!

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