I Know This is Late, But…

I have my reasons for delaying my American Idol results thoughts…I mean yes, we all knew Paige Miles was outta there!…I never could understand why she stuck around, flying under the radar, in the first place…sure, she can blame laryngitis, but for God’s sake, SING LIKE YOU WANT TO WIN!!!…I know understand why Simon made the unanimous decision to NOT let Miles sing for the coveted save…she didn’t want it bad enough and she had the worst logic in trying to explain why she was sooooooooooooo bad…in the end, I’m just baffled by this season so far and I know I’m not alone…the judges always brag that “this is the most talented group we’ve ever had”…they say it every season…I’m not too sure they had said it outright this time around, because the talent is hugely lacking…I even have my suspicions now Big Mike Lynche may not be in the final two…he’s not been too memorable, at least to me, these last two weeks…he could be elimated out of the blue, ala Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, etc. etc….
You really have to wonder: who does want to win?…Crystal Bowersox could release a cd right now and it would sell extremely well…I’m not sure she needs American Idol to prove that, alas, she will be seen by millions of record buyers and label moguls every week, so it can’t hurt…the only other frontrunner right now is quirky Siobhan Mangus…who has her own fans…the “Siobhanmbies”…as in zombies…I love that!…the comparisons to Adam Lambert are silly, there’s only one…don’t forget it!…the comparison is only being made because, in realty, Mangus probably can’t win…I can’t even begin to think how you would market her…she’s not a conventional pop singer…but neither is Bowersox…Mangus could maybe corner the market on a Liz Phair-Lisa Loeb type of artist…or an Alanis Morissette???…God, I miss her!…now to the rest of litter…and I mean litter…Andrew Garcia is the biggest enigma remaining…why is he still there????…I have an inkling he could wow American again, but brother has to do it pronto! starting next week…Aaron Kelly is still there for the pre-pubescent crowd who fell in love with David Archuleta or God help me, Sanjaya Malakar in the past…Didi Benami is another one who just hasn’t proven to me she has the goods to win…she’s been out-quirked by Mangus, so sorry, thanks for playing…then you have bottom 3 regulars, Tim Urban and Katie Stevens…they are both so not ready for American Idol….Urban is huge clown who is trying desperately to milk his hunky-cute factor for all its worth….so stupid…Katie just doesn’t have the contemporary sensibility to make it much further, I mean how soulful (next week’s theme) can she really be?…UGH!…I almost forgot to throw a bone to the other hunky, pretty boy in the competition, Casey James…with Paige gone, he’s your new “fly under the radar” contestant, I guarantee it…
So there you go, I promise to not elaborate this much every week, but I had to vent and I leave you with a picture that came up when I searched image results for “Paige Miles”:

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