Didi, Diddy, and The Clash of the Titans???…

Well, that picture isn’t as big as I would’ve liked, but what the hell, Didi Benami is now gone from American Idol…last night’s show was so bizarre, I mean what the hell with The Clash of the Titans plug/cross promotion at the beginning???…so weird…yes, the film is in theaters tomorrow…and I must confess, even though I’m a die-hard fan of the original, I want to see the new one, in 3-D damnit!
Now onto the results, Andrew Garcia definitely redeemed himself, although I still think he needs to kick it up just a few more notches to stick around…I guess the biggest sensation from Tuesday night was Lee Dewyze, who I totally omitted from last week’s diatribe, because by last week, he was forgettable…I still don’t think he can win, but he’s proven himself worthy of staying in the competition…Big Mike stays and what was going on with the fake ponytail thing?…he’s really getting on my nerves…Casey James continues to fly under the radar, however, I have a new candidate for flying under the radar and I can’t believe I ever would have thought this…Katie Stevens…why?…she is turning out less than par performances, but I actually think she’s ever so slightly improving…I had her gone weeks ago, even before the top 12, but now?…I don’t know…again, she can’t win, but I hope she enjoys the tour…well one contestant who faltered Tuesday night and almost landed in the bottom 3 for the first time…Siobhan Mangus?!?…bless her heart…her lower range was terrible and I think even I am tiring of her screaming out notes…she’s gotta get back on track next week…Aaron Kelly, he’s still around, but so boring…
Crystal Bowersox is still the only front-runner…and she’s changed up her game by playing piano and then getting up from the piano and walking, only a foot, in high heels…wow!…next week’s theme is the Lennon-McCartney songbook and you know she’s gonna rip it up!…and I predict, the guitar will be back…oh yeah….
Bottom 3 last night, Katie Stevens, though she was sent back to the couch quite quickly, Tim Urban–zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!…and Didi Benami, who probably was a front-runner at one time, but she was awful this week and she paid the price…no save for Benami either, though I was a little scared the judges might keep her around…she didn’t seem too upset when she was informed she wouldn’t be saved…eh, she still gets the tour…
The most bizarre moment of the night was when Diddy Dirty Money performed…am I missing something???…did he change his name again?!?…if you noticed right before his performance, a caption came up that said “strobe lighting will be used in the next performance”…WTF?!?…So is American Idol turning into the next Mary Hart?….the next Japnanese anime?…oh boy, how invalid can they get?….
Okay, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, next week: Lennon-McCartney….peace!

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