Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You…

Yes, I know “Instant Karma” is strictly a Lennon song, but how appropriate is it right now?…very…I guess the only reason I’m sticking with American Idol at least one more week is because Adam Lambert is next week’s mentor…other than that, I may be done with a show I’ve loved for so many years…I wonder if Dancing with the Stars beating Idol in the ratings Tuesday night had anything to do with Michael Lynche being saved last night…I would say it’s probable…I guess to say I and many other fans are not happy with last night’s dog and pony show is an understatement….so, why was Big Mike saved?….here are some theories…
He’s an okay singer, but not great, and he won’t win…I know a few blogs back, I predicted Big Mike and Crystal Bowersox would be in the finals…but now?…I don’t think so and last night just ruined everything…a friend of mine thinks Lynche isn’t getting votes, therefore, they show him on camera as much as possible…he’s a big personality, but a very mediocre performer…he can’t really switch up anything he does vocally…no matter the theme…I’m not a fan of his ego and I’m really not a fan of the pouting act he pulled when it was revealed he was the bottom vote getter…it’s a competition and someone will always lose or go home…of course next week, 2 contestants will be packing their bags…and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is Big Mike…he had his big save moment, now he’s done…seriously, he’s through…I think the judges and the producers were very scared of getting rid of him, and not just because of his size and his ego…they need him…but I don’t care one iota about him at all…I mean look at who won’t be saved: Crystal, Siobhan, Casey, hell even Lee…Aaron, Katie, and Tim are biding their time, because they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win…I guess the odd man out is Andrew…shock and awe as he was told he was staying another week….I’d rather see him than Big Mike stick around…

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