Old Home Week Begins Tonight!!!

How so?…well let’s start with this guy coming back to mentor on American Idol:
I know tonight’s show may not be good at all, but at least we get to see Adam Lambert, last year’s runner-up, speak the truth, and we get to see him perform Wednesday night-BONUS!…I just realized, I haven’t blogged about Glambert in quite some time..it’s not that he’s disappeared, he’s been traveling the world promoting For Your Entertainment…there’s still no word when a US tour will happen; I predict he will hit the road here maybe mid-late summer or this fall…anyway, we get to bask in his greatness tonight and tomorrow night…I can actually enjoy the show for once this season…
If it’s enjoyment you seek, then welcome back GLEE!!!!
You know, the wait for the second half of GLEE wasn’t as long as I thought it would be…time flies when the contestants suck on American Idol…(not all of them)…and these next episodes will be jammed packed with guest stars galore: Neil Patrick Harris, Idina Menzel, Olivia Newton-John, J-Lo???…next week’s episode is the highly anticipated all Madonna edition, which will come complete with another GLEE cd with all the Madonna recordings…there are some fears now that GLEE has moved to Tuesday nights, the lame Idol lead-in will kill its audience…I don’t think that will happen…Idol will be over in a little over a month…then we call all focus on Jane Lynch….
*NOTE: I may liveblog tomorrow night’s Idol results just for the hell of it…

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