It’s Really Sad When…

American Idol, if only for one night, is NOT about this year’s finalists…Adam Lambert brought it bitches!…he was clever to rearrange his hit “Whataya Want From Me” for his return Idol performance and it was a little manic, but totally awesome…I’m really surprised there wasn’t a disclaimer before his elaborate Incredible Hulk meets Laser Floyd production:
And in case you missed it, two contestants who should’ve been voted off weeks ago, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens, said their farewells…Garcia’s elimination came almost 15 minutes into the broadcast, yeah Idol still thinks they can change things up, but it’s really getting tired…of course the drama was amped up again when it was revealed Turban, Big Mike-HUH????, and Katie were in the bottom…well, the fake bottom, oh hell, I don’t want to explain it…in short, Big Mike was stuck up there again for no reason at all except to remind viewers he was saved for the umpteenth time…yes, he will be around for two more weeks, since Idol Gives Back is next week…and I think I’ll take a look at it, but I won’t be glued to the TV…I really loved the first Idol Gives Back, since then?…not wild about it…it just prolongs the stay of the sub-par talent still in the competition…and I’m hoping the finalists will sing their best, because in reality, folks won’t be tuning in to see them, they will tuning in to see the established stars…am I right?…as always, Bowersox all the way!!!!

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