Thank God for GLEE (and Madonna!)

You know, I had my doubts about the second half of GLEE…would I be as excited as when I had to wait all that time after the pilot premiered last May?…would I be satisfied with the music?…would I be satisfied with the jokes?…yes, yes, and yes!!!…okay, that last yes is a little premature, and I would be referring to all the hair jabs Sue throws at Will, although he got his digs in last night, but at a price…no spoilers I promise….
“The Power of Madonna” episode may be my favorite to date…not that I favor one episode over the other, but this one was just so jam-packed with music, all approved by Madonna…which you know she will be making major bank off of this…I mean how buzzworthy has Sue Sylvester’s “Vogue” been????
It’s so brilliant…but again, it all came with a price…shhhhhhhhhhh!…and I’m referring to the episode, not the brilliance of Jane Lynch…I must say, I think the second half has been better so far without all the baby drama…I know it will be back, but when the show just goes for the music and the fun, it’s so much more fun to watch…I wish every week could be like this week….I may have to download some of the tracks, since you can buy the The Power of Madonna cd right now!…I would venture to say this cd may outsell volumes one and two combined…and you know more compilations are on the way, plus the cast’s mini-tour….
Speaking of tours, one sidebar…Adam Lambert’s “Glam Nation” dates were announced late yesterday, and sadly, nothing even close to me…but it was only about a 15-city set…there will be more…or I should say there better be more!…
As for Idol Gives Back tonight, I’m not sure who will go home…you know the producers may just pull a gotcha and not send anyone home because of the nature of tonight’s show…I’ll do my best to recap tomorrow because I’ll miss the first half hour…

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