Joss Gives Back!..and there’s more!

Yes, Joss Stone and Jeff Beck WERE the Idol Gives Back show…yes, yes, I loved Annie Lennox…I’m just bummed that damn volcano ash kept her from being on live…I did not see the Black Eyed Peas, but I heard good things and bad things…they are the group of the moment, so it was fitting to have them open the show…I guess I shouldn’t say “of the moment” but I digres…this week’s mentor, Alicia Keys, sounded a little rough, but she rocks, damn, I love to hear her talk, she’s so smoove…okay, I loved-loved-loved Joss Stone and Jeff Beck’s performance of “I Put a Spell on You”…oh yeah…that was true artistry right there folks!…if say, Crystal and Siobhan want to look at possibly what their future careers can be, Stone provided an excellent example…Elton John was great, Carrie Underwood was okay, the Mary J. Blige all-star group was good, but didn’t totally rock me…I think the whole fake phonebank joke segment with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill was okay…I mean Slash!…hello?!?…Wanda Sykes was the funniest of the night…her joke about telling Big Mike to go home was hilarious…season 7 winner David Cook appeared but did not perform, boo to the producers on a missed opportunity…Seacrest was Seacrest…I really hope he goes along with Simon at the end of the season, he’s exhausting to watch anymore…
If you think Gleeks were upset Wednesday night…Idoloonies may be upset about last night..the broadcast ran oh, 20-25 minutes long…but I’m sure by now, you know Tim Urban or “Turban” finally bit the dust on his Idol run…he was cheesy, but he had gotten a lot better in the past few weeks…in fact, I participated in the LA Times’ Idol Tracker chat yesterday and promininent critic Ann Powers said she feared Tim might WIN?!?!?…I guess she’s eating her words today…and of course, leave it up to the producers to force the “Big Mike in the bottom 3” issue yet again…I’m tired of it, really tired of it…Casey James was sent to safety, leaving Big Mike and Tim waiting….there’s just too much drama in the elinination episodes this year…at this point, with the exception of Crystal, who the hell has a chance of winning????…I know I’m not the only one who feels this way…I’m losing faith in Siobhan, although I’m still confident she can pick it back up…however, next week, Shania Twain will be the mentor and the Idols will choose from HER library…yes, it’s mostly country, but Twain cashed in on the whole country-pop crossover niche way before Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood…but I have no idea who this niche will favor out of the 6 contestants remaining…man, it sucks Katie Stevens couldn’t stick around long enough for Shania week, since the judges tried to force her into a country direction…oh well…
So here’s what we’ve learned…always set your DVRs to record at least 20 minutes longer than scheduled, the Idols are STILL lipsynching the group numbers, and I’m over this season…just kidding on that last one, but really…

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