Kara DioGuardi: Sober?…um not much…

God bless all the American Idol bloggers…especially the kids at idolator.com  They have managed to dig up a couple of videos of Idol judge and songwriter, Kara DioGuardi singing, although I wouldn’t say what you’re about to witness would be called singing…hell, it’s not even performing…as you may or may not know, DioGuardi was one of the co-writers of Pink’s hit “Sober”…a song I love…however, from now on, I only want to hear Pink sing it…this video of Kara performing “Sober” appears to be from a charity event…it comes complete with Kara singing over the Pink instrumental track…HA!…I give Kara props for trying, I guess but this is one of those performances that would have her fellow Idol judges cringing…it totally evokes Simon’s “girl singing at the end of a birthday party” motif…oh, you must watch this:

6 thoughts on “Kara DioGuardi: Sober?…um not much…

  1. I attended the benefit– too bad you didn't see the video about her sponsorship of music therapy for teens adults with addictions. Too bad you didn't see the standing ovation she had for her very personal performance of this song. Too bad that you couldn't be there to see what a warm, intelligent, and down-to-earth person that she truly is.

  2. Wtf is wrong with you? If you even understood what this was for then maybe you'd get some respect. Kara is absolutely amazing and a great singer. Not to mention a complete sweetheart!

  3. Folks…don't take what I say so seriously…and I wasn't the one who took the lead on making fun of this clip…I'm just doing what I do, having fun and it's not to be taken this seriously…it's true, I have no idea what charity it was, I was simply commenting on the situation….we can all agree to disagree on Kara's singing ability.

  4. sheesh. i guess you arent entitled to an opinion, parodied, in jest or in total seriousness, which is sad. i mean erin i dont agree with everything you like or dislike but i would never call you a moron, and if i did i wouldnt do it anonymously. have some balls people. back up your trash talk. lol. and um, she is annoying as a judge on idol, otherwise i could really care less about her. well, i dont really watch idol so i guess i dont care about her at all. lol

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