Honey I’m Home!

So, we say goodbye to the female Adam Lambert…hey, in the end, she was NO Adam Lambert…she got worse instead of getting better…she became manic and she talked way too long to the judges…and do you think Kara would really hang out with her??…who knows…
I had extremely high hopes for glassblower Siobhan Mangus…she brought that quirky vibe to the show although in the end, she out-quirked her talent…it’s all proof America would still like their pop stars without funny hair and elaborate costumes…but wait…doesn’t Mama Sox fit that bill?…well, maybe not the elaborate costume part…and folks, Crystal is the only female left in the competition…she will have to outlast 2 mediocre singers (Aaron Kelly and Casey James), 1 ego-maniac (Big Mike), and the guy who can be energizing, but still very boring with no originality (Lee Dewyze)…
I mean next week is the songs of Frank Sinatra with Harry Connick, Jr. as mentor…what can Casey and Lee do with Sinatra????…I can tell you what Mike and Aaron can do, boring-flatline ballads…it will be interesting to see what Crystal does…she definitely needs to bring back the power in her voice, let’s face it, this week was not good…and there were fears she might visit the bottom 3…she didn’t seem to sing out at all…she was probably intimidated by the arrangement, which I was not a fan of…I fear she may be losing just a little bit of steam…which may land her in second place when all is said and done…however, finishing second on Idol is not a bad thing…GLAMBERT!..hello!…speaking of Lambert, he tweeted out last night that “Whataya Want From Me” has now gone platinum in the US…not bad for a runner-up…

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