American Idol: Baby Dyke Goes Down!

Okay, I guess that title is a little naughty…but who the hell cares at this point…yes, my little Baby Dyke, 17-year-old Aaron Kelly, has finally exhausted the ears and the eyes of America…and I couldn’t be happier, although I think he wore out his welcome from the very start…those of us hoping for another Kevin “Chicken Little” Covais or another David Archuleta or hell, another Sanjaya were fully disappointed…okay, I wasn’t disappoined…Kelly fell into an endless stride of predictable ballads yet he managed to make the top 5…which brings me to yet another rant about this season:
WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO AMERICAN IDOL???…more importantly, what has happened to their audience?…this Tuesday’s “Sinatra Night” was the lowest rated show since the FIRST season, yeah, all the way back in 2002…I know I’ve ranted and I’ve ranted, but I’m just about through…Even front-runner, Crystal Bowersox, is boring me now…which I’m not surprised…so who do we have left?…Big Mike is hanging in there, bottom 2 for the umpteenth time this week…man, I don’t know how, but he may just make the finals as I originally predicted…I have a lot of contempt for Big Mike, but I would still rather see him in the final instead of Lee DeWyze…Casey James has lived up to the “fly under the radar” moniker I gave him weeks ago, and I am a bit surprised at that…here’s what I think will happen…I predict either Cystal or Lee will slip up next week, which by the way, it’s songs from the movies with rumored-to-fill-Simon’s-seat-next-year guest mentor, Jamie Foxx…and one of them will land in the bottom with Big Mike, who else?!?…Big Mike goes or Lee goes if he’s in the bottom 2…and even though I have been bored by Mamasox lately, she’s still good to go in my book…Casey is definitely the wild card since he avoided the bottom 2 last night…Casey can’t win, but can he make to the finals???…I see Lee as this year’s Kris Allen, he has no charisma, no humor…and his style is older than dirt…there’s nothing fresh about him…Big Mike–zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Casey has virtually the same style as DeWyze, but a little more determination…and Crystal?…it’s hers to lose or finish second, which finishing second on Idol is a bigger blessing…I won’t name names, you know who they are…
I’m just sick of it all, as I am this time every year…and I can’t wait until GLEE doesn’t get cut off every week on my DVR!!!..outrageous!

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