Ronnie James Dio…Now HE Was a Singer…

**I want to start with some quick notes…after my many frustrations with American Idol this season, I will no longer be blogging about the show…I will continue to live tweet, but that’s it…and if Crystal Bowersox wins, I’ll follow her career…all right**
We lost one of the best singers of any genre Sunday morning…Ronnie James Dio was 67…I was surprised that there were pre-mature reports of his death buzzing around the web on Saturday…Dio’s wife, Wendy, reported he had not died, but he was not doing well…Dio was diagnosed with stomach cancer last summer and he had to cancel a tour with Heaven and Hell–Black Sabbath without Ozzy…Dio was recruited by Ritchie Blackmore for his new band Rainbow in the 70’s after Blackmore quit Deep Purple…and Dio was tapped to take over for Ozzy in Black Sabbath when Ozzy left to pursue a solo career…Dio then went on to dominate in his own solo career…he was a metal God and he had the voice!…I love his solo stuff, his stuff with Heaven and Hell, but I wanted to share one of my favorite Rainbow tracks…RIP Ronnie James Dio:

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