Paula’s Back! and Why I Never Watched Lost…

Yes children, Paula Abdul, the judge you love to ridicule, will be back on primetime TV this fall…Paula will serve as the executive producer, judge, and mentor for a new CBS dancing competition reality series…wait for it….Got To Dance…thank God for this!…and it just might air opposite American Idol…as will Simon’s new American version of The X Factor…WOW!…Cowell had said in his sit down interview with Oprah last week, Paula’s departure has affected the viewership of Idol…didn’t really need a genius to tell me that…and he also said he keeps in touch with her…awwwwww…I guess it was a good thing she got out when she did…Cowell also said he didn’t want Ellen DeGeneres to take his seat on Idol…which is a little harsh, but he’s right…he said his replacement needs to be someone who knows what he/she is talking about with some music industry cred…however, I don’t know what will save the colossal sinking ship which is this season’s Idol…if Lee wins, which he probably will, he’ll be forgotten in a year’s time and if Crystal pull off the upset, we may forget her too, but I hope not…
Okay, I feel I should address why I never watched LOST until the last 20 minutes last night…to be honest, it just never interested me…and I know I’m the world’s biggest nerd when it comes to sci-fi/fantasy movies and shows…LOST just never got me…when you have as many shows to watch during a regular TV season as I do, LOST never made the cut…I know one day, I’ll catch up on reruns or I may even go out on a limb and rent each season, but now that I know how the series ended, I’m not sure…no big deal..I have several co-workers who were fanatic and one of them told me basically everything that happened in the show, so I may have not LOST out…tee-hee!…one thing I want to say, Michael Emerson aka Ben Linus, should play Klaus Nomi STAT!
That is all!

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