My Summer TV Watchin’ List…

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year when we (and our DVRs) can take it easy…okay, we’ll probably still record some stuff since we all presumably will have a unlimted amount of summer activities and vacations to tend to…here’s a list of what I will be watching this summer…not sure if a vacation will be in there or not…

True Blood: Mark your calendars for June 13th Truebies!…season 3 looks to be very exciting, but I’m afraid a little too busy…at least that’s the sense I get from all the previews…I have enjoyed the mini-sodes…it looks like werewolves are entering the mix a la Twilight…I trust the books involve werewolves…I think I may read something this summer…(HBO)

Top Chef D.C.: June 16th… What’s a summer without a little Tom and Padma?…it’s nothing I tell you…the new season will commence after the second season finale of Top Chef Masters, which I also enjoy…(Bravo)

Obsessed: June 28th… More OCD than you can handle in season 2…I love this show!…it makes me feel a little more comfortable about myself…NO, I’m don’t have OCD so serious, I need therapy and a camera crew, but it’s so fascinating…(A&E)

Kathy Griffin-My Life on the D-List: June 15th…I can’t believe it’s season 6 already!…expect appearances from Maggie Griffin, Team Griffin, Liza, Kristin Chenoweth, Lauren Conrad, and many more…oh yeah, Levi Johnston…love it! (Bravo)

Work of Art: June 9th…I thought I would throw Bravo one more bone…you’ve seen interior designers, chefs, and amateur designers battle it out, why not artists????…yes, it’s a competition to find the “next great artist”…Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the executive producers, sounds safe…it is scheduled to follow Top Chef Wednesday nights…(Bravo)

The Green Room with Paul Provenza: June 10th… From the comedian/filmmaker who brought you The Aristocrats comes a new comedians’ round table to see who can top one another, totally uncensored…its run will only be 6 half-hour episodes, but I think it will be worth it…(Showtime)

Hot in Cleveland: June 16th… Well, it looks like I’ll have my first scheduling conflict on Wednesday nights…Betty White returns to her familiar roots in a sitcom co-starring, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, and Jane Leeves…the concept is a little silly…3 best friends, the ladies I just mentioned, are headed for Paris, but then their plane unexpectedly lands in Cleveland…and they discover themselves, blah-blah-blah..and White plays their sassy property caretaker…I’ll give it a shot…(TV Land)

And last but not least…

The Real L Word: June 20th…Thank God this comes on after True Blood…my Sunday nights could get interesting again…L Word creator/exec producer Ilene Chaiken tries to extend the life of her groundbreaking fictional series…by introducing us to real life LA lesbians!!!…well golly!…I admit, and to no surprise, I’m a little ambivolent…this show could be really sort of good, or really really bad…I’ll let fate decide…(Showtime)

Happy Watching!


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