If I Had…Tickets!!!!

I’m not sure my quest to see Glambert in concert will pan out…yes, he’s coming to Evansville, IN too–September 1st….much, much closer to me than Nashville (SOLD OUT) and Louisville (SOLD OUT)…I spoke with someone the other night on whether he liked Adam Lambert or not…he said NO!…I was a little miffed, but he then explained that Lambert is not making the best choices, thus far, with his career…I think Adam being out is wonderful, but is it hurting his possible pop domination????…that seemed to be my new friend’s opinion…no hating of course…I mean if he can sell out two cities, which yes, are gay-friendly in the bible belt, why can’t he get bigger?…it’s a comfort to know “Whataya Want From Me” at least cracked the top 10, but it’s beginning to sink on the Billboard Top 100…upon further investigation, all of new American Idol Lee DeWyze’s charting efforts are dropping even faster!…well, duh!…it all comes from the curse of this terrible season…I’m still not sure where Crystal Bowersox will end up in all of this…I fear she will sink like a rock as well..hopefully, she can work with some good writers and producers…but then again, she’s not a traditional pop star…we’ll just have to see…and if anyone can hook me up with tickets to any of those Glambert’s shows…let me know!
Oh and here’s Adam’s new video for “If I Had You”….girl, lose the mullet!…LMAO!

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