Pleasantly Surprised by Get Him to the Greek….

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the highest of expectations going into Get Him to the Greek mostly because I was sick of seeing Russell Brand…oddly enough, his real life is not that different from his womanizing, drug-addled rock star Aldous Snow…you know by now, this is the second film for Brand’s Snow, the first, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a huge hit…I had already heard mixed reviews of the film, some said funny, some said not so funny…however, I indulged two of my best friends and I agreed to see it…I’m glad I saw it!…It’s funny, raunchy, irreverent…my kind of comedy…and a great deal of the funny doesn’t come from the stars, Brand and Jonah Hill…it comes from Sean “Diddy” Combs, who plays the overzealous record label president, Sergio Roma…normally, I’m not a fan of Diddy’s…but he nearly steals Get Him to the Greek…I’m sure he drew from his real-life experiences in the music business, but he was wise to overact in those similar scenarios…I guess his only short fall is that he doesn’t look that threatening…Sergio is a master of mindgames and wit…and to shift gears, the music of Snow’s fictional band, Infant Sorrow, is really good!…and Brand sings!….in other words, I recommend Get Him to the Greek, especially if Toy Story 3 is sold out…
**NOTE: I’m thinking about recapping The Real L Word on the blog, I’m going to watch the first episode tonight and see if it’s worth it.**

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