Scissor Sisters, Oh My Scissor Sisters!

Welcome back old friends!…I don’t usually buy cds anymore, thanks to iTunes and emusic (by the way, you can download Night Work on emusic, I didn’t realize it until last night) however, sometimes, and only for my true music likes, I’ll buy the cd…I’m sorry, but that Robert Mapplethorpe photo of ballet dancer Peter Reed’s ass is very enticing, how could you not buy that?…and believe me, it’s a sign of the type of scandalous, dirty songs you’ll find on the Scissor Sisters’ third album…I wore out their debut album, but Ta-Dah!, not so much…not that it was a terrible effort, it just lacked a lot of true pop goodness…Night Work doesn’t have one ballad on it, it’s nothing but sweaty beats and dirty thoughts…it’s how a Scissor Sisters’ journey should play out…this time out, the band pays homage to the Studio 54 lifestyle, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, etc….I’m not sure if the Sisters will ever reach American mainstream success in their home country of America–they are HUGE in the U.K–but true fans, like myself, don’t care…if it’s good and it makes me feel good, that’s the key…and they are the one band I would die to see live…Go get Night Work now!

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